About Us

G4G is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit dedicated to providing prescription eyeglasses to people in Guatemala that do not have access to eyewear. Since 2012, our all-volunteer staff has provided eyeglasses to the people of Guatemala who do not have a basic necessity—access to eye glasses.

A simple pair of glasses can have an amazing effect on the quality of life for a person who has never had the opportunity to see the world in 20/20. Eyeglasses are a low cost, durable good. They address the long term structural problems of the poor economic condition of Guatemala: corrected vision makes workers more effective, facilitates literacy and education (the literacy rate in Guatemala is currently only ~75%), and improves behavioral health.

Our trained staff personally delivers the glasses during our Service Trips, which gives us the opportunity to see the smile on the face of every man, woman, and child who we fit with glasses. Together, with your generous donations and support, we can improve and impact the lives of many deserving individuals with the gift of sight!

Please contact us at info@glassesforguatemala.com if you'd like to get involved!

Our Partners

Glasses for Guatemala is grateful for the many people who come together to make our vision a reality.