A Successful Second Service Trip

November 17, 2013

Warren Davidson from Quantum Innovations jointly funded our second trip with his employer. Warren and I brought down 2,300 pairs of glasses: 1,000 readers, provided by RestoringVision courtesy of National Vision, and 1,300 pairs provided by the Lions Club of Oregon.

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Our trip consisted of two phases - Warren and I spent the first half of our trip working with Nora and her team from the Concejo Ecuménico de Guatemala, and I met up with Dr. James Gamble to travel to ASELSI's clinic in Chichicastenango for the second half.

Phase I - Concejo Ecuménico

With Charly Pineda from the Concejo Ecuménico, Warren and I drove to Santo Domingo Suchitepéquez, a small village where we distributed over 80 glasses in a single day. In addition to allowing us the opportunity to better understand the tremendous need for glasses in the low-access areas of Guatemala, the visit allowed us the opportunity to train more members of the Concejo how to properly distribute glasses, so that they could continue doing so in our absence. We left half of the glasses that we brought with the Concejo for distribution over the coming months.

Phase 2 - ASELSI

I met up with Dr. James Gamble, an optometrist from Columbia, Missouri, and Carol Angelo and Cathy Hartle, two nurses who run the impressive ASELSI clinic, and we began our trip out to Chichicastenango. Over the course of his previous visits to ASELSI, Dr. Gamble set up a fully equipped eye clinic and trained local Guatemalans how to properly distribute prescription glasses. I had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Gamble for several days, learning from him, helping to translate instructions to his local staff, and learning a more efficient process for glasses distribution. I left the remaining half of the glasses with ASELSI for distribution.

Overall, the trip was a huge success, and will give us great momentum moving forward. Thank you for your continued support!