2015 Service Trip: Complete

First Clinic: Episcopal Church, Zone 5, Mixco

Matt Heyer and Jess Behringer, members of the G4G team, flew in to Guatemala City with 2,000 pairs of eyeglasses. Jess, who speaks Spanish, performed over 100 eye exams. With a line out the door, glasses were provided to men, women, and children. “It was really hectic, people waited hours to get glasses,” Jess explained. She also taught two priests how to conduct the eye exams.

Second Clinic: Catholic Seminary, Zone 8 Mixco

For their second clinic, Jess and Matt set up in a Catholic Seminary in the outskirts of Guatemala City. They provided glasses to Catholic priests-in-training, and to many young students. Jess conducted the eye exams using a Snellen eye chart, while Matt took basic records and asked a few survey questions. They found that glasses are far too expensive for the average Guatemalan consumer.

April 3, 2015